[2023+] How to make bean sprouts with super economical discarded milk cartons at home


Bean sprouts are a super delicious and extremely nutritious dish. In particular, bean sprouts can be made completely at home with only very simple and rudimentary materials such as milk cartons, plastic bottles, mesh bags, plastic baskets, etc. super stout and pure white bean sprouts. And today’s ingredient we want to help you make super white and plump dollar trees is milk cartons. So do you know how to make bean sprouts with milk cartons at home? The detailed sharing article below of Dung Ha Dry Agricultural Products will explain in the most detail to you how to make bean sprouts with a simple, super-saving milk carton at home.

1. Nutritional value in bean sprouts?

Bean sprouts are a new version brewed from germinated mung beans and are very popular in culinary use. The height of the bean sprouts at maturity is 5-7cm. Bean sprouts can be processed into many delicious dishes or easily combined with any ingredient to create nutritious dishes. In addition to being made from chickpeas, bean sprouts can be made with peas or soybean sprouts.


Bean sprouts are a nutritious and extremely good product for men. According to studies by the National Institute of Nutrition, in 100g of bean sprouts, it provides nutrients such as:
  • 22 calories
  • 0.7g lipid
  • 0.1g saturated fat
  • 6mg Sodium
  • 79mg Potassium
  • 2.1g Carbs
  • 1.9gr Fiber
  • 0.2g Sugar
  • 4g Protein
  • 8.2mg Vitamin C
  • 1mg Iron
  • 27mg Magnesium
  • 32mg Calcium
Those are the ingredients of very good nutritional value found in bean sprouts. To get delicious, nutritious dishes and especially to ensure food hygiene and safety, you can completely make your own bean sprouts at home with discarded ingredients. Let’s find out how to make super-saving bean sprouts at home.

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2. How to make super economical bean sprouts with discarded milk cartons at home?

To be able to get super fat and pure white bean sprouts, the main ingredient is the factor you cannot ignore. Ingredients for making bean sprouts include:

2.1 Preparation ingredients

  • 150g green beans whole
  • 1 pcs of discarded 1l milk carton


In addition to green beans, you can make bean sprouts with chickpeas, lentils, red beans, black beans, white beans, etc. Each type of bean when forming bean sprouts has different colors and different uses. However, green beans have the advantage of being cheap and can create delicious, quality bean sprouts that are suitable for many people to eat. Therefore, the use of green beans will be the best option in the legume family.
In addition, you should also refer to how to choose delicious green beans properly:
  • Color Check: Green beans must be uniformly green and have no other seeds of a different color. Even green color represents the freshness and quality of the beans
  • Check the surface of beans: Avoid choosing green beans with cracked surface, signs of mold,…
  • Check the size: Choose uniformly sized chickpeas. Don’t choose seeds that are too big and don’t choose seeds that are too small
  • Check the provenance: Choose green beans from reliable sources in the market. If buying packaged chickpeas, check the expiration date and country of origin on the product packaging.
Hopefully, the above notes will help you choose delicious, healthy green beans when used in your daily meals.

2.2 Soak green beans in warm water (Step 1)

  • Buy green beans, you pick up all the green beans, damaged, weevils, pests, … discard
  • Wash green beans about 2-3 times in a basin of clean water to remove dirt
  • Mix the ratio of water to soak green beans, including 3 boiling – 2 cold
  • Soak the green beans in warm water for about 6-7 hours to soften the green beans and peel off the skin
  • Then, using a stainless steel sieve, pick up the green beans from the water
  • Rinse the green beans gently under clean running water and let the green beans drain


Note: Should soak green beans for at least 5-8 hours is the most reasonable. Avoid soaking green beans for too long, which will cause green beans to sprout white. When incubating green beans, pressing heavy objects will cause the roots to be bruised. It’s not good to eat, and it’s not aesthetically pleasing.

2.3 Handling milk cartons (Step 2)

  • Take advantage of milk cartons after drinking them all. You shovel the milk carton 2-3 times with clean water
  • Using scissors, cut 4 small corners around the top of the milk carton to make a drain
  • Using a sharp object, poke tiny holes in the bottom of the box
  • Using your hands, slowly pick up the soaked green beans and put them in the milk carton
  • Lightly water the green bean box
  • Close the mouth of the box, wrap the milk carton in a clean towel
  • Put the milk carton in a dark place because bean sprouts like dark to grow
  • You can put a box of bean sprouts in the corner of the kitchen cabinet, wherever there is little light


2.4 Caring for Bean Sprouts (Step 3)

  • Every day, you take out the box of bean sprouts and fill it with water regularly twice a day for the sprouts to grow
  • Water regularly in the morning and evening for bean sprouts
  • Hold the box of bean sprouts in your hand, leave it for about 10 minutes to let the water inside drain out
  • After watering, you put the bean sprouts back in the same place
  • About a day, bean sprouts begin to sprout briefly
  • After 3 days, bean sprouts grow long and can be harvested


2.5 Harvest bean sprouts (Step 4)

  • After 3 days of full care. The box of bean sprouts began to tighten, swell, and the bean sprouts filled the box
  • Take out the box of bean sprouts, use a knife (or scissors) to cut off the milk carton. Remove the bean sprouts from the milk carton
  • Wash the bean sprouts, gently treat the green bean pods to fall out
  • Put the bean sprouts in a clean plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator for later use


Thus, with only 4 simple steps, you have immediately completed how to make bean sprouts with discarded milk cartons super simple and extremely economical right at your home.

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3. Pros/cons of making bean sprouts with discarded milk cartons at home?

3.1 Advantage

Making bean sprouts out of discarded milk cartons has certain advantages. Especially from an environmental and recycling perspective. Here are some advantages of making bean sprouts with discarded milk cartons at home:
  • Recycle and reduce waste: Reusing discarded milk cartons to make bean sprouts is a great way to recycle. This helps reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste sent to landfills or overflowing plastic waste in the natural environment, reducing adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Saving resources: Using old milk cartons to make bean sprouts helps save natural resources
  • Create recycled products: Using discarded milk cartons to make bean sprouts is how you are creating a high-value recycled product instead of unsafe disposal for the environment
  • Reduce consumption of new resources: By reusing old milk cartons, we will reduce the need to use new resources to produce new materials for packaging
  • Economic and cost-saving: Using discarded milk cartons to make bean sprouts is an option to help you save and reduce costs when you have to buy new materials.
Although making bean sprouts with discarded milk cartons has many advantages, you should also note that the method must ensure absolute safety and hygiene and not cause harm to users.

3.2 Defect

Although making bean sprouts at home with discarded milk cartons has many advantages. But there are also certain downsides you need to be aware of:
  • Health and Safety: One of the main downsides is the safety and health side. Milk cartons can contain harmful chemicals and impurities. When recycling, milk cartons to make bean sprouts, this substance can be absorbed into the bean sprouts, we eat bean sprouts, this substance will go directly into the body.
  • Productivity Efficiency: Compared to using traditional ingredients to make bean sprouts, recycling and using discarded milk cartons can require more effort and time. This can reduce production efficiency and increase production costs
  • Aesthetics and quality: Making bean sprouts from milk cartons can not guarantee quality and aesthetics
  • Limited reusability: Reusable milk cartons may have limited uses. After one recycling, the box may be damaged and cannot be used again
  • Pollution: The process of recycling milk cartons, if not done properly, can pollute the environment and harm the surrounding ecosystem.
It is important to ensure that the process of recycling and using discarded milk cartons as bean sprouts is done safely, ensuring full compliance with recycling and environmental protection rules and guidelines. 

4. Conclude

Above is the entire article detailing how to make bean sprouts with super-saving discarded milk cartons at home that Dung Ha Dry Agricultural Products has shared with readers. It can be seen that making bean sprouts at home with a milk carton is a bit tricky and takes a bit of time. But in return, you always have quality bean sprouts, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Hopefully, with the above sharing will bring you many useful things. Wish you always success!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read our article.
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