[ANSWER] How many calories in nuggets? 3+ Weight loss dishes from nuggets?


The phrase “Com Thu” is certainly not too strange to the majority of young people in Vietnam anymore. It is called Com Thu because the main crop of green rice is in autumn. Under the chilly weather of Hanoi, enjoying a little nuggets that are both supple and soft will help warm your body and love Hanoi’s autumn more. But have you ever wondered how many calories in nuggets? Many of you are overweight and obese, if you really want to eat nuggets, you really need to know whether eating nuggets is fat? So don’t worry, the detailed article sharing below of Dry Agricultural Products will explain in detail to you how many calories are in the nuggets.

1. What is Com?

Com is a specialty dish of Northern people, especially in Hanoi area. Not only in Hanoi, com is present in both the Central and the South. Each place where nuggets come, they have different processing methods and flavors. But perhaps, the most famous and attracting tourists everywhere in the world is still Hanoi in the autumn. Com Thu is the specialty of Hanoi people.



The raw material to make the soft and supple nuggets is young sticky rice. The process of making nuggets is very meticulous and carefully selected. Each young glutinous rice grain will be roasted, then pounded and cleaned by removing all the husks and impurities. Finally, quality nuggets will be brought to the lake with water from the leaves.
Currently, on the market, there are two main types of famous com: flat com and Vong village com. These are the two types of green rice that are selling well in Hanoi every autumn. Both types of nuggets have different characteristics and are produced in different localities. Let’s find out together.

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1.1 What is Vong village com?

Com Vong village is the type of rice produced in Vong village. Vong village is an old village, belonging to Hau village, far from Dich Vong, Nam Tu Liem district (now in Cau Giay – Hanoi). This is the village that has many years of producing nuggets and is also the most famous in Hanoi.


Com Vong village is harvested from late summer and early autumn (from about the full moon of July to the end of September of the lunar calendar). Vong village com has a delicious, cool, nutty flavor, encapsulated in 2 layers of leaves: ayurvedic leaves and fresh lotus leaves. The leaves will help each grain of nuggets stay soft when eaten. Lotus leaves will help create a faint flavor. The outside is tied with golden straw with a rural flavor.

1.2 What is flat rice?

Flat rice is a famous type of rice of the Khmer people. This type of nuggets is the most famous and popular in Tra Vinh and Soc Trang provinces. The raw material for making flat rice is glutinous rice with a red tail, not yet fully ripe, soft seeds, pounded with a mortar. Flat rice is usually made from October and November every year.


Flat rice is also roasted, peeled and then pounded in a mortar. However, the difference in flat rice is that people here often mix it with sugar, coconut milk and incubate it for about 3-5 hours for soft and delicious nuggets.
Com can be eaten directly, eaten with bananas, mixed with sticky rice,… are very delicious and wonderful.

2. Nutritional value in dried nuggets?

To be able to find out in detail how many calories in nuggets, let’s learn about the nutritional value of the nuggets.
According to a study from the National Institute of Nutrition, the nutritional value of the nuggets includes:
  • Vegetable protein
  • Starch
  • Water
  • Gluxit
  • Lipids
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Fiber
This is the entire nutritional value found in nuggets. These substances contained in nuggets are very important for human health. Eating nuggets will help you directly absorb these nutrients. Uses of nuggetsinclude:
  • Replenish energy for the body
  • The calcium in the nuggets helps keep bones and teeth strong. Support height growth
  • Unsaturated fatty acids in nuggets have the effect of preventing pimples, beautifying the skin, making the skin smooth and strong
  • The fiber in nuggets is very good for the digestive system. Prevents constipation, bloating, indigestion,…
  • Unsaturated fatty acids have the effect of reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body that are harmful to the heart
That is the entire nutritional value and use of nuggets. For those who are following a healthy diet to lose weight, they are definitely looking forward to the answer to the question of how many calories are in nuggets? Without making everyone wait long, the question will be revealed soon!

3. Nuggets how many calories?

If you are following a healthy weight loss diet, you are sure to want to know how many calories are in nuggets, right? And of course, this is such an interesting question that nutritionists don’t want to miss such a good question.


Below are the specific calorie ingredients in nuggets that nutritionists have meticulously researched. Knowing the calories in nuggets, you will consider using nuggets with a sufficient amount so as not to affect too much weight. Specifically:
  • In 100g of nuggets, it provides 357 calories for the body
  • In 100g of dried nuggets, it provides 357 calories (Dried nuggets are roasted from fresh nuggets until the water runs out)
That is the amount of calories found in fresh and dried nuggets. With this amount of calories, many women are asking the question “Does eating nuggets get fat?”.

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4. Does eating nuggets make you fat?

With the calorie content in nuggets explained in detail above. Many women are wondering “will eating nuggets get fat?”. On average, an adult needs about 667 calories per meal. To know if eating nuggets is fat, we need to specifically calculate the calorie content that the body consumes. If:
  • The amount of calories you take in is more than 667 standard calories in a meal. The body will not be able to metabolize calories in time ==> This leads to an excess of calories, accumulation of body fat. Leads to obesity and overweight.
  • Your calorie intake is 667 less than the standard calories in a meal. Your body does not have enough energy to maintain health to work and work ==> This leads to illness, fatigue, weight loss, and weakened immune system.


Meanwhile, in 100g of dried nuggets, it provides 357 calories. This content accounts for up to 2/3 of the calories needed in a main meal ==> Therefore, WHEN EATING TOO MUCH YOU ARE COMPLETELY OBSERVED, WEIGHT GAIN OUT OF CONTROL. If you eat nuggets with the right amount, it won’t affect your weight too much.

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5. Some delicious weight loss dishes from nuggets?

5.1 Fried egg with green nuggets

  • Chicken eggs you break into a bowl
  • Put in a bowl of eggs including: fish sauce + spices + seasoning seeds + main noodles + ground pepper
  • Beat well until the eggs are dissolved
  • When you buy dry nuggets, you wash them under clean running water 2-3 times
  • Soak the nuggets in warm water for 15 minutes to make the nuggets soft
  • Pick up the nuggets, lightly shake the rice to drain
  • Pour the nuggets into the bowl of the beaten egg
  • Beat the nuggets with the eggs
  • Put cooking oil in a pan and heat it up
  • When the oil is hot, pour in a bowl of chicken eggs mixed with nuggets and fry until golden brown on both sides for 10 minutes
  • Pick up the fried egg with nuggets on a plate, cut it into small pieces and eat it when it’s hot


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5.2 Sticky rice with lotus seeds

  • Green beans washed 2-3 times with clean water
  • Soak green beans in warm water for 30 minutes
  • Pick up green beans, rinse with clean water. Lightly flake the green beans to drain
  • When you buy dry rice, you wash it 2-3 times under clean water
  • Mix in a basin of warm water, soak the nuggets for 25 minutes
  • Using your hands, pick up the grains and impurities in the dried nuggets
  • Pick up the nuggets, rinse with clean water. Let the nuggets dry and drain
  • Fresh lotus seeds you use sharp objects through the lotus center
  • Wash lotus seeds
  • Put 500ml of pure water in a pot and bring to a boil
  • Boiling water, put the lotus seeds in and boil for 30 minutes, then take them out and let them cool
  • Put the pan on the stove, add the coconut fiber + white sugar and stir-fry together for 10 minutes
  • Put 250ml of fresh coconut water + 150ml of coconut milk + fresh pandan leaves in a pot and boil for 25 minutes
  • Put green beans in a basket and steam for 60 minutes
  • Cooked green beans, pour into a bowl to cool. Wearing nylon gloves, squeezing and smoothing green beans
  • Pour the green beans into the basket along with the fresh lotus seeds and the dried nuggets. Mix well
  • Steamed in 10 minutes
  • Put the coconut fiber in and steam it for 10 minutes
  • Finally, scoop green bean sticky rice into a bowl, under coconut milk, mix well and enjoy


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5.3 Hanoi rice cake

  • When you buy green rice, you wash it 2-3 times with clean water
  • Using your hands, pick up the grains and impurities in the nuggets
  • Mix the pot with warm water, soak the nuggets in warm water for about 35 minutes to make the nuggets soft
  • Pick up the nuggets, wash them again and let them drain
  • Put in a large bowl including: dried nuggets + minced purple onion + minced lean pork + raw ham + fish sauce + seasoning seeds + ground pepper
  • Mix all these ingredients together for 5 minutes
  • Cover with cling film, put the bowl of ingredients in the refrigerator and incubate for 35 minutes
  • Take out the bowl of nuggets, shape them into small round balls
  • Do it by hand until all the ingredients are gone, then stop
  • Brush a layer of cooking oil on the surface of fresh banana leaves
  • Put fresh banana leaves on the bottom of the steaming pot
  • Neatly put each ball of fried rice in a basket and steam it for 30 minutes
  • Remove spring rolls to a plate, let cool
  • Put cooking oil in a pan and heat it
  • When the oil is hot, put the fried rice in it and fry it until golden brown on both sides on medium heat for 20 minutes
  • Fried nuggets, take out on a plate, cut into small pieces and enjoy


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6. Conclude

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of how many calories are in 100 grams of nuggets as well as some delicious dishes to lose weight from nuggets that Dried Agricultural Products has shared with readers. Com is a very delicious dish and a famous specialty of Hanoi, especially on chilly autumn days. However, you should eat nuggets in a moderate amount, avoid eating too much to affect your physique and weight. Hopefully, with the above useful information will bring you many useful things in life.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article in its entirety.
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