Are signs of metastatic liver cancer scary?


Are signs of metastatic liver cancer easy to recognize? When cancer has metastasized, is there any cure? It seems that patients entering this metastatic stage will be extremely difficult to treat. It consumes a lot of health as well as economy. So, let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out which parts of the body liver cancer will metastasize to!

1. Signs of metastatic liver cancer

Liver cancer English is Hepatocellular Carcinoma, HCC. This is the most common type of liver cancer in adults. In Vietnam, the prevalence is 23.2 per 100,000 people in both sexes. But for the most part, men outnumber women. Signs of liver cancer are often vague and unclear. If in the early stages, the patient is subjective, often thinking it is due to a digestive disorder. By the time of screening, the disease had reached the metastatic stage. Signs of metastatic liver cancer can be clearly seen such as:


  • Fever over 38 degrees Celsius
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe weight loss despite the same diet
  • Fatigue, weakness, weakness
  • Anorexia, poor appetite and poor appetite
  • Anterior abdominal pain, sometimes left or right pain, pain through the back or pain in the chest
  • Abnormally enlarged abdomen, also known as ascites
  • Swelling and edema of the whole body
  • Dark brown stools, sometimes with blood
  • Abnormally enlarged spleen and liver ultrasound
  • Visible yellowing of the skin and eyes

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Depending on the location of the metastasis, there are different signs to recognize. But in general, metastatic liver cancer, the survival rate of patients seems to be very low. At this stage, the patient will have to undergo active treatment according to the methods and treatment protocols specific to cancer patients.

1.1 Hereditary liver cancer

  • Heredity means that family members will have very similar characteristics. There are diseases that are passed from grandparents to parents from parents to children. But hereditary liver cancer is not a disease. That is, if the parents have liver cancer, the children will not get liver cancer.

1.2 Liver cancer with lung metastasis

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “52% of metastatic cancers directly affect the lungs”. Because there are a lot of blood vessels here. Cancer cells can form in the lungs or travel through blood vessels to enter the lungs. Into the lungs, they will quickly develop into malignant tumors that reduce lung function.
  • The lungs are involved in the regulation of breathing. When the lungs are affected, gas exchange will be disturbed, making it difficult to breathe. The patient’s body will appear persistent cough, cough with sputum, blood with a lot of frequency. Chest pain, persistent fever.


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Most patients, when they move to the lung metastasis stage, will form tiny tumors in the lungs. Cutlery intervention, surgery to remove the tumor here is completely difficult.

1.3 Liver cancer with bone metastases

  • Cancer that metastasizes to bone is different from cancer that originates in the bone. Although they all affect bone directly, to metastasize to bone cancer cells often originate in breast, prostate, lung and liver cancers. When it has reached the stage of bone metastasis, cancer cells will easily attack almost all lymphatic organs and blood vessels because at this time, the patient’s resistance has decreased markedly.
  • Areas where cancer cells are most likely to attack are: pelvis, spine, ribs, skull and long bones. The spine, ribs and pelvis are the preferred places for cancer cells to be destroyed first. Cancer cells will form soft tissues in the bone and divide bone cells. As a result, the patient falls into osteoporosis, brittle, fragile and weak bones.

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In general, liver cancer will face many dangers when the disease enters the metastatic stage. They will metastasize to all parts of the human body. Complete breakdown of body tissues, cells and structures. When the patient falls into this stage, the patient’s door to survival is narrower and narrower.

2. How long does metastatic cancer live?

When the cancer has reached the metastatic stage, the survival time of the patient is very low. Depending on the stage of metastasis, the survival rate of patients is different. Eg:

  • For people with stage 1 liver cancer, the 5-year survival rate falls to 60-70%. These are the people who detect the disease early and have timely treatment methods.
  • For patients with stage 2 liver cancer, the survival rate is about 50% depending on the size of the tumor. Successful surgical resection of the tumor increased the patient’s survival time by 65% ​​within 5 years.
  • Stage 3 liver cancer is near the end of the disease. In patients in this stage, liver function has been completely reduced. A combination of radiation therapy must be used to burn cancer cells. The survival rate of patients at this stage depends on their health status. Usually, patients will live about 3 to 5 years.
  • Stage 4 liver cancer is the end of a cancerous process. Only about 2% of patients survive for 5 years. At this stage, cancer cells often metastasize to other parts of the body to absorb nutrients as well as destroy cell structures. The most dangerous is that cancer cells metastasize to the lungs when they directly affect the process of breathing regulation.

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3. Nutritional seeds support the treatment of liver cancer

Nutritional seeds not only support women in the process of losing weight. This product also contains a lot of essential vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants to support the treatment of liver cancer. With main ingredients made from nutritious nuts and fruits. Adding to the diet of cancer patients is extremely effective.


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