How to cure insomnia easily without using drugs few people know

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Nowadays, insomnia is one of the most common ailments among people of all ages. Due to many causes and difficult to treat definitively. Non-drug insomnia treatments are being favored by most people because of their safety and convenience. Please read along with the news column of to discover what are the cures for insomnia.

1. How to cure insomnia without drugs – form a habit of sleeping on time and getting enough sleep

Insomnia is a state of tossing, sleep disturbance, insufficient and deep sleep. Affects the health and mental well-being of patients.
Creating a reasonable sleep routine is the most important solution to overcome this situation. Some people believe that sleeping late makes it easier for the body to go into a deep sleep. But in reality, that is a mistake. Scientists have studied and proven that a reasonable bedtime is from 9-10pm. The body will fall asleep after about 1-2 hours.
Sleeping for 8 hours a day will help the organs have enough time to complete the task of detoxifying the body. Helps the body to be healthy, to function better, to be mentally refreshed. With this non-drug insomnia cure, in the long run your body will form a reasonable and healthy sleep schedule for itself.

2. Food good for sleep is an effective way to cure insomnia without drugs

You can improve insomnia from the foods in your daily meal.


Grains such as wheat, beans, sesame, corn help you supplement the amount of magnesium needed to regulate the nervous system, ensuring deep sleep. Plus, nuts also contain antioxidants that improve health.

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Red meat

Iron deficiency is one of the leading causes of insomnia in many people. Meanwhile, red meat contains a lot of iron. Adding red meat in the daily meal is a way to cure insomnia without drugs that not everyone knows.
Pork, beef or goat meat are red meats that help regenerate red blood cells. Supplement the iron deficiency, increase and regulate blood flow to the brain to help you have a quality sleep.


When you have trouble sleeping, use a glass of warm water mixed with honey, about 30 minutes before bed. Honey will help you sleep better with tryptophan content to help the body relax, reduce stress.

3. Dispel insomnia by applying tips before bed

Limit blue light exposure

Blue light has the visible region of the spectrum with wavelengths from 450 nm to 495 nm. This includes light from phones, televisions, computers and electronic devices. According to scientific research, short waves of blue light seriously affect your sleep. It can cause eye strain, eye disorders and sleep disturbances. Therefore, before going to bed, you should limit your exposure to blue light to help your body sleep better.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is not only for exercise, but also the most effective non-drug treatment for insomnia. Exercise helps the body to be active and blood circulation. Thereby improving the quality of sleep. In addition to daily exercise, a few small movements before going to bed are also effective measures to have a good and deep sleep.

Do not use stimulants

Alcohol, beer, coffee and other stimulants easily stimulate the central nervous system to keep the body awake. Practice healthy habits with healthy drinks or a glass of warm water. To help the body relax and fall asleep easily. This is a simple but effective way to cure insomnia without drugs.

Limit napping for too long

Napping is one way to make up for incomplete sleep. However, spending too much time napping affects the quality of sleep at night. Therefore, you should establish a regular activity time. And train yourself to be able to treat insomnia without medication.

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Don’t eat before sleeping

Eating before going to bed will activate the digestive system. Your body will not accept you to sleep deeply when “there is work to do”. Drinking plenty of water before going to bed will make your bladder full. You will have to go to the bathroom during the night. This will greatly affect sleep.

4. Folk remedies from available materials to treat insomnia

Remedy from Ginger root

Ginger is a readily available ingredient in most families’ kitchens. Because of its health benefits. Cooking Ginger water and then soaking your feet in the evening will help clear the meridians and quickly fall asleep.

Remedies from lotus seeds

In lotus seeds, there are alkaline substances and aromatic glucose with sedative effects. Therefore, lotus seeds stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin to help you fall asleep easily. Lotus seed porridge, lotus seed tea or lotus seed soup are many ways to treat insomnia without drugs that are chosen by many people.

Medicine from Lac Tien tree

Lac Tien is used in folk remedies known to many people. In the plant there are many active substances with mild sedative properties. Such as: sulphate ester, passiflorin, cyanohydrin glycoside, etc. You can dry this plant and then mix it with tea to drink, boil or cook like other common vegetables. This is also an effective way to treat insomnia that many people apply

5. Suggestions on how to fall asleep quickly are commonly applied

Soak your feet with fresh ginger water before going to bed to help you fall asleep

Two feet are likened to “the second heart of the body”. Contains more than 60 important acupuncture points. Associated with many nerve endings, affecting the nervous system. Therefore, foot bath with herbs is considered an effective sleep improvement therapy.

  • Preparation: 100g of ginger, washed, smashed, white salt and 2 liters of water.
  • Put ginger and a teaspoon of white salt in boiling water for about 5-7 minutes and then turn off the heat.
  • Turn off the stove and let the water cool down, then pour the heat into the basin and start soaking your feet.
  • Soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes a day at night before going to bed

How to sleep early for acquaintances who stay up late by drinking herbal tea

If you often fall into a state of insomnia, restless sleep, your body often feels sluggish, lack of energy… Find yourself a suitable tea. And drink every night before going to bed.
Tea offers countless benefits for your health and sleep. The herbs in the tea help to purify the body. Eliminate toxins, clear fire, reduce anxiety disorders. Helps the body relax and easily fall asleep.
How to prepare some popular insomnia treatment teas are as follows: Chrysanthemum tea, lotus heart tea, yellow flower tea, Tam ventricular tea…

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Applying the US military’s fast sleeping method

The US military environment is always dangerous and requires very high pressure. All activities must ensure certain alertness and concentration. Sleep is always closely related to the quality of the day’s activities. Therefore, members of the US military always have a “pocket secret” to help them get quality and fast sleep in just 1-2 minutes.
This tactic has been used by the US Navy and pilots since before entering World War II. To date, 96% of people who apply this method can fall asleep within 120 seconds, if they practice consistently for 6 weeks.

How to fast sleep of the US military is as follows:

  • Relax all facial muscles, including: tongue, jaw, eyes, mouth.
  • Relax your shoulders, neck, arms, and forearms on each side as comfortably as possible.
  • Inhale air into the chest. Then continue to relax the legs, relax the whole body.
  • Erase your thoughts in just 10 seconds by: Imagine you are lying on a boat gently floating on a calm lake, under a clear blue sky. Or repeat the word “don’t think” in your head for 10 seconds

How to sleep fast and deep thanks to acupressure

The acupuncture points act on the central nervous system. Therefore, acupressure therapy for insomnia at the following acupuncture points will help you feel more comfortable and sleep better:

  • Nerve acupressure (point on the wrist, below the little finger): This movement will stimulate the nervous system, calm the mind, help you relax and easily fall asleep.
  • Introspective acupressure (the point located between the two tendons on the inner side of the wrist): This correct acupressure not only helps you sleep well, but also cures headaches, abdominal pain, nausea… effectively.
  • Phong Tri acupressure (acupoint located between the two areas of the neck muscle groove at the back of the neck): The impact on the point on the back of the neck will limit the symptoms of respiratory diseases that disrupt sleep such as coughing, shortness of breath…
  • Dung Tuyen acupressure (acupoint located on the soles of the feet): This acupressure point regularly before going to bed helps you release energy after a long tiring day and quickly fall asleep.
Hopefully, the above non-drug insomnia remedies will help you improve your condition and have a healthier body. Hopefully the above information will help readers choose the right method and regularly practice to improve insomnia.
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