SUGGESTIONS 7 SIMPLE dinette menus for the SUMMER DAY


The dinner menu always makes a lot of housewives think. How to have a simple, low-cost rice tray but still ensure to provide adequate nutrition for all members of your family? The dishes on the menu are not only delicious and rich but also have to be diverse to prevent boredom for the whole family. Let’s take a look at some simple dinner menus for summer days with Dung Ha Dry Food, but still provide full nutrition. Let’s go to the kitchen together.


The dinner menu of each family is very diverse, flexible and no two families are exactly alike. Some families choose a menu that must be full of nutrition. The family chooses the fast food menu. And below, to be able to meet the needs of each family, our Dung Ha Dry Food team has compiled a few quick and nutritious menus for summer days. You can refer to it!

1.1 Dinner menu 1

1.1.1 Honey grilled chicken wings

Honey grilled chicken wings are a favorite snack of many fathers. That’s why in our family’s dinner tray, you need to prioritize this drink for the elders. Honey grilled chicken wings are made from chicken wings marinated in honey and then grilled on extremely delicious charcoal stove. Each piece of chicken skin is golden yellow, fragrant with the aroma of honey. Make sure this dish is all you guys want. To make honey grilled chicken wings is very simple. You need:
  • 500g chicken wings
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon seasoning
  • 1 tbsp main noodles
  • 1 teaspoon ground pepper
  • Chicken wings washed under running water. Soak chicken wings with dilute salt water to disinfect. Wash chicken wings, let dry
  • Mix honey with cooking oil + spices + seasoning seeds + main noodles + green pepper. Beat together
  • Spread the mixed honey all over the chicken wings
  • Let the chicken wings marinate with honey for about 5 minutes to infuse the honey
  • Place the chicken wings neatly in the oven and bake the chicken wings at 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes
  • After baking is complete, the chicken wings are cooked, take them out of the oven and enjoy


1.1.2 Stir-fried morning glory

Summer can’t be without stir-fried morning glory with garlic. With sautéed spinach with garlic, you can boil water spinach to get the broth to eat. And the water spinach is stir-fried with garlic. This is a great product and very useful. One product but can be processed into 2 delicious dishes. Stir-fried morning glory with garlic contains many nutrients that are beneficial for health. Especially the amount of fiber is extremely good for the digestive system. To stir-fry water spinach, quite simple. You follow:
  • 500g water spinach
  • 5 cloves of garlic, minced
  • Cooking oil
  • Spices, seasonings, main noodles,…
Implementation steps:
  • Buy water spinach, pick up old, rotten, damaged leaves and discard them
  • Rinse the water spinach under clean running water
  • Pick up the water spinach, let it drain
  • Put the pan on the stove, put cooking oil in it and bring to a boil, add minced garlic and fry until fragrant
  • Garlic smells good, add water spinach and stir-fry with garlic
  • Put spices + seasoning seeds + main noodles in the water spinach pan
  • Dig evenly with medium heat so that the water spinach is cooked and drained in 15 minutes
  • Season with water spinach to fit your mouth
  • Water spinach is just mouth-watering, pour into a bowl, enjoy immediately when hot


1.1.3 Grilled Pork Edges

On the next dinner menu list, you can’t ignore this side roasted pork dish. Pork is an easy-to-find ingredient as well as a very cheap price. This side roasted pork is extremely delicious if roasted properly and served with hot white rice. This is a popular dish on hot summer afternoons in Hanoi. Quick to prepare, easy to find, and rich in nutrition. A great dish.


See details on how to make roasted pork side by side HERE!

1.1.4 Boiled water spinach soup

Definitely eat whatever you want, you can’t lack soup in the meal. And perhaps, boiled water spinach soup is an indispensable dish in the tray of rice. With soup, you will feel easy to eat, cool your intestines as well as avoid choking during eating. Boiled water spinach soup is often cooked with crocodiles, which is extremely delicious.


1.2 Monday dinner menu

1.2.1 Steamed shrimp

Steamed shrimp is the next nutrient-rich dish that you should use in your dinner. Shrimp contains a lot of nutrients, especially the calcium content is extremely high. Making steamed shrimp is very simple, you just need:
  • Shrimp washed under the tap
  • Put 1 teaspoon of salt on shrimp and rub vigorously to disinfect
  • Rinse shrimp under clean running water
  • Put shrimp + lemongrass into the basket. Steam cooked shrimp within 20 minutes
  • Cooked shrimp, remove shrimp, peel and enjoy


1.2.2 Vegetarian stir-fried bean sprouts

Vegetarian stir-fried bean sprouts are a simple, quick and convenient dish. Bean sprouts you can completely make at home through germinating green beans. When using bean sprouts, you will fully absorb beneficial nutrients, minerals and vitamins. In addition to vegetarian stir-fry, bean sprouts are also stir-fried with beef, pork,… very delicious.


1.2.3 Spinach soup

Any tray of rice cannot be complete without soup. Many families also like to eat soup, eat vegetables to add fiber to the body. And perhaps, boiled water spinach is the soup you should use for this 2nd day.
  • 400g of hot vegetables
  • 1 liter pure water
  • Seasoning + seasoning + main noodles
  • Stripping of hot vegetables
  • Wash the spinach with clean water
  • Put the spinach in the pot with 1 liter of pure water
  • Add seasonings + seasoning seeds + main noodles, put the pot of hot vegetables on top
  • Boil the rhubarb for 30 minutes until it is cooked through


1.3 Menu for the 3rd day

1.3.1 Sweet and salty shrimp

Sweet and salty shrimp is the dish you should use for the third day. The sweet and sour taste, the sauce that blends together is extremely stimulating. This is a favorite dish that is loved by many children.


1.3.2 Stir-fried cabbage with mushrooms

Stir-fried vegetables with mushrooms is a very good dish. With 2 main ingredients are vegetables and shiitake mushrooms. These are ingredients that contain many nutritional values that are beneficial to health. Rich and rich source of fiber is very good for the intestinal digestive system. Mushrooms are a high source of minerals, which are necessary for the development of muscles, teeth and joints. Therefore, stir-fried vegetables with mushrooms, you should use this dish in the menu.


1.3.3 Sour shrimp soup

On a hot summer day, it would be great to enjoy a bowl of shrimp and sour soup to cool down the body. Shrimp is an extremely nutritious seafood and you can use them in your family’s meals. Sour shrimp soup is both cooling and cooling. A bowl of sour soup on hot summer days is extremely important.


1.4 Menu for the 4th day

1.4.1 Red bean stewed pork leg

The next dinner menu you cannot ignore is the red bean stewed pork leg. Red bean stewed pork leg is a dish that contains a lot of nutrients. In particular, this dish is very good for pregnant women, the elderly and young children. To cook red bean stewed pork leg is simple, not too difficult. But the most important thing is that you need to find and buy pork legs and red beans in the most prestigious places in the area.


1.4.2 Boiled cowpea soup

Boiled cowpea soup is a popular dish of many Vietnamese families when the summer day approaches. The cowpea in the right season is extremely crispy and friable. And at the end of the season, cowpea is often embarrassed, very few people use it. Therefore, summer is the season when you should use cowpeas to cook soup with rice. Boiled cowpeas and dipped with fish sauce are extremely mouth-watering!


1.4.3 Stir-fried cowpea with beef

Another delicious, nutritious and nutritious dish that you should add to your family’s menu. Cowpeas are also very convenient like water spinach. Both can be used to cook soup, and can be used to stir-fry to make the dinner menu more diverse.
  • 400g cowpeas
  • 300g beef
  • Cooking oil
  • Minced garlic
  • Fish sauce, spices, seasoning seeds, main noodles
  • Put beef in a bowl with fish sauce + spices + seasoning seeds + main noodles. Mix well
  • Put cooking oil in a pan and heat
  • When the oil is hot, add minced garlic and fry until fragrant
  • Garlic smells good, add marinated beef and fry until cooked with garlic
  • Remove the beef to the bowl
  • Continue using the pan, add the cowpeas and stir-fry
  • Add seasonings + seasoning seeds + main noodles and stir well
  • Pour in the bowl of beef and stir-fry with the cowpeas for 10 minutes
  • Season to taste
  • Remove to a bowl and enjoy with hot rice


1.5 Menu for the 5th day

1.5.1 Sweet and sour ribs

“Wowww! Wowww!” Next summer, eating a plate of sweet and sour fried ribs is a real treat, moms! If this dish is made by my mother properly, I’m sure as soon as I sit on the tray, the plate of sweet and sour ribs is already gone. With a soft sweet and sour taste, very stimulating and appealing to users. Each piece of tough pork ribs ensures this dish is popular every summer day.


1.5.2 Boiled pork

A simple summer meal with just boiled pork. Almost, pork mass, popular, cheap price should be used by many families. Don’t know what to eat for dinner, go to the market to make a piece of pork leg meat and boil it with fish sauce.


1.5.3 Sweet and sour sauce

If your tray of rice has boiled pork, for more variety in the sauce, you should use sweet and sour fish sauce. Sweet and sour seasoned fish sauce is a type of fish sauce made from fresh shrimp, sugar, vinegar and chili. Sweet and sour fish sauce is a familiar dipping sauce popular in the Central region. Today, seasoning sauce has become popular and used by many families.


1.6 Menu for the 6th day

1.6.1 Stir-Fried Carrots

Show off your dinner skills with sautéed carrots. Carrots can be sautéed with a variety of ingredients such as pork, beef or vegetarian stir-fry. Stir-frying pork with other ingredients is suitable for each family’s preferences. Carrots are considered an extremely good product for the eyes, helping to keep them clear and healthy.


1.6.2 Tofu stuffed with meat and tomato sauce

Tofu has become a popular and familiar dish for Vietnamese people. Tofu can be refined into many different forms such as spiced tofu, fried tofu, stuffed tofu with tomato sauce,… And perhaps, tomato-based tofu is a very popular dish. Many housewives trust and use it. With tofu, minced pork and tomatoes. With only these 3 ingredients combined together, they create the most beneficial nutritional value dish.


1.6.3 Burning garlic

Burnt garlic is a favorite drink of men. At the weekend, let’s calculate a bit for dads to enjoy 1-2 glasses of wine to make it easier to eat this dish. If you chop it up small, dip it in sweet and sour fish sauce, you’ll be right to forget the sadness.


1.7 Menu for the 7th day

1.7.1 Grilled dried fish

Grilled dried fish is also a dish that many families use. As a dry item, your family can easily store it anywhere. Dried fish has many types, you can completely use the dried fish that your family loves such as: dried pineapple fish, dried choke fish, dried snakehead fish, …


1.7.2 Mixed chicken soup

Must enjoy this mixed chicken soup at the weekend, moms. Chicken soup is an appetizer, rich in nutrients that mothers should use to add to their family’s meal menu.


1.7.3 Lotus seed mushroom soup

In any meal, soup is also an important dish throughout the week that cannot be replaced. Lotus seed mushroom soup is the weekend dinner dish that you should use. With mushrooms and lotus seeds, only these two ingredients are an irreplaceable dish. Dinner with this soup is a wonderful thing.


2. Conclude

Above is the entire article detailing the dinner menu that the Dry Food team shared with readers. There is nothing more wonderful than rice cooked from the skillful hands of the wife. Above are all dishes that are familiar to many families but make us feel like going home every day to gather around our family’s small tray of rice.
Save these dishes and make them right away! Good luck sisters.

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