What are the stages of stomach cancer? Specifics of each stage

Stomach cancer has several stages. This is perhaps a question worthy of attention. Each stage of stomach cancer it will have recognizable signs. Therefore, many people with the disease have very mild symptoms, so they are often subjective. When I went to the doctor, I was shocked to find out that I had terminal stomach cancer. So, let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out the stages of stomach cancer!

1. How many stages of stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer develops through 5 stages. Specifically:

  • Stage 0 (Early Stage): In this stage, cancer cells are located in the lining of the stomach.
  • Stage 1: Cancer cells invade the second layer of the stomach.
  • Stage 2: Cancer cells move through the mucosa and appear more obvious symptoms such as: Abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea, …
  • Stage 3: Cancer cells have begun to spread to surrounding cells.
  • Stage 4: The last stage of stomach cancer. At this stage, cancer cells have spread throughout the body. Chances of survival are very low. Only 3%.

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1.1 Stomach cancer stage 1

1.1.1 Signs of stage 1

In stage 1, the signs are often very vague, not clear. It is possible to use folk methods that the disease can be relieved. That is why many people often miss the golden opportunity for treatment. But some signs of stage 1 cancer you may experience include:

  • Lose weight fast
  • Abdominal pain with dull, intermittent pain
  • Anorexia, skipping meals
  • Indigestion after eating
  • Nausea, vomiting blood
  • Black stools

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When at this stage, many people are often subjective with their health. The bad thing here is that, when you use honey + turmeric powder taken before breakfast, these signs will subside quickly.

1.2 Stomach cancer stage 2

1.2.1 Signs of stage 2

In stage 2, the signs of the disease are usually more obvious. The frequency is also relatively high. Sometimes, the signs are also repeated. Specifically:

  • Indigestion, indigestion, full stomach
  • Heartburn
  • Frequent pain in the sternum
  • Anorexia, not eating well
  • It’s nauseating to eat
  • Vomiting blood and food and fluid
  • Passing stools with blood
  • Tired often
  • Dehydrated body

Right from the stage of cancer stage 2, the patient’s health deteriorated. By this stage, cancer cells begin to form and grow and spread to surrounding cells. Therefore, at this stage, patients need to quickly find the best treatment method. Reduces the growth of cancer cells.

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1.3 Stomach cancer stage 3

1.3.1 Signs of stage 3

Entering stage 3, the signs of the disease are often more severe. It’s even heavier than the early stages. Directly affects the health of the patient. Specifically:

  • Occurrence of severe pain in the epigastrium. Causing the patient to writhe in pain and lie still
  • Difficulty swallowing food. At this stage, the cancer cells have grown large, preventing the absorption of food into the stomach
  • Nausea, vomiting blood and vomiting every time you eat. Typically, when you finish eating, you will vomit and vomit with blood
  • Blood out. Tumors in the stomach grow large, it can burst whenever the patient passes blood with stools
  • Palpate the tumor in the abdomen


For cancer patients in stage 3. It is necessary to combine many treatment modalities. Depending on age and health, the doctor will advise timely treatment methods. At this stage, surgical resection or radiation therapy can be applied to completely destroy stomach cancer cells.

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1.4 Stomach cancer stage 4

1.4.1 Signs of stage 4 cancer

Different from the previous stages 1, 2, 3. When entering stage 4 this is considered the final stage of the disease. At this stage, almost all organs and internal organs in the body are completely destroyed. Specifically:

  • Skin is pale, pale, lifeless
  • Weight loss, anemia
  • Stomach is bigger than usual
  • Vomiting blood
  • Pass blood stools
  • Hemoptisi

When the patient enters stage 4, the patient seems to face a “death sentence”. At this stage, the patient needs to have a good health to fight the disease, fight with more special treatment methods. Radiation therapy is the most widely used method at this stage. Radiation therapy will require many factors: Economy, patient’s health. Radiotherapy only prolongs the life of the patient, but cannot cure it completely. Radiation therapy is the burning of harmful cancer cells, preventing them from growing. Because the patient already has pathogens inside, when the radiation treatment is over, these pathogens will grow and multiply, destroying all structures in the body.

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2. Common Complications

Stomach cancer is extremely dangerous, it damages health, directly affects the eating process. Not only that, gastric cancer complications also cause damage to surrounding cells. Specifically:

2.1 Stomach cancer with ovarian metastases

  • With ovarian metastasis complications, it is common in gastric cancer in women. When the disease is detected too late, the disease spreads to surrounding organs. Especially metastasis to the ovary. Malignant tumors in the ovaries are called Krukenberg tumors.
  • Ovarian metastasis will affect the reproductive process. Therefore, women need periodic vaccination as well as early examination to timely detect and prevent

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2.2 Stomach cancer with bone metastasis

  • Bone metastases are usually seen in stage 4. Cancer cells travel through the lymphatic system to the bone tissues and form tumors there.
    When metastasized to the bone, the patient will clearly feel the pain all over the body. Bones become weak, damaged, brittle and very easily
  • broken. Patients will feel tired due to high levels of calcium in the blood, eating will cause constipation, bloating, indigestion, vomiting.


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2.3 Gastric cancer with lymph node metastasis

  • Cancer cells take advantage of the lymphatic route down the neck to form large tumors. Because when here, people eat food and cancer bacteria will take advantage of that nutrient source to multiply and destroy cells, making the patient extremely uncomfortable.
  • When in the neck area, the patient will feel his neck swell when looking in the mirror. Eating is entangled, persistent cough for a long time does not go away, high fever, loss of appetite, vomiting. It is not painful to the touch, but can cause rupture and ulceration.

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2.4 Stomach cancer with liver metastasis

  • The liver plays many roles in the body. Filter out harmful substances and eliminate toxins from the body. When metastases to the liver, the role of the liver is almost completely lost. When liver function is destroyed, it will cause jaundice, itching, poor appetite, indigestion, yellowing in the eyes, sleep disturbance.

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3. Conclusion

Above is the entire stomach cancer has several stages. To prevent stomach cancer, it is necessary to depend on the consciousness of each individual. Changing a scientific, healthy, non-inflationary lifestyle using stimulant and hallucinogenic products. Regular visits every 6 months to check for disease detection. When the disease is in the early stages, it will be easy to treat as well as minimize the economy.


If stomach cancer is in the early stages. You should learn folk remedies to overcome stomach pain. Because these are the healthy remedies, good for the stomach. Using pure honey or honey turmeric powder mixed with warm water in the early morning also really brings positive results. We still encourage you to use honey + turmeric, because this is a remedy that up to 90% of people with stomach pain trust to use.

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